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Monday, April 20, 2015

If you thought Black Friday was bad, you didn't go to the Lilly for Target launch on Sunday.
We got to Target at 7:40 and there was already a line. Not too many people, but approximately, I don't know, 20 people? It wasn't awful. Doors opened at 8 and it was like a whirl wind after that.

We went straight to the clothes department, some people started walking, my friend Christine started running, so I decided to take a brisk pace and start jogging...
People started yelling "OMG, people are insane"
If I could go back in time, I would have yelled, just wait, insanity is just barely breaking out right now.

Time Stamp: 8:00 am.

Clothing racks were mostly full, but my attention shot straight for the scarves and phone cases. I grabbed this one.
 Lilly Pulitzer for Target Phone Case for iPhone 5/5s - Fan Dance
Lilly Pulitzer for Target Phone Case for iPhone 5/5s - Fan Dance

I proceeded to move towards the mob of people only 15 feet away from me and dive into the two large clothing racks full of beautiful Lilly for Target print. I had no tactic, but in the moment, I just looked at sizes, and grabbed mine. I had no idea what I was grabbing, but if it was my size and on the rack, it was in my hand. The rest of the next 3 two 4 minutes is a blur. I am convinced I blacked out, or "pinked" out, as it was being referred to as Pink Sunday. People were coming up on the back sides of the clothing racks and grabbing every single item, other women were fighting, other people were screaming, and then I saw a friendly face who kindly asked me if I knew where the home goods for the collection was, got distracted, and went with her on an adventure through Target to find them.
I regret this move, as there was only one small end shelf dedicated to the Lilly for Target home collection, and it was all gone. I should have kept my focus on why I was there in the first place: The green long sleeve dress. (boom boom print, for those of you who want to search its beauty)

I decided I had enough things in my hands, went out to the aisle, and looked for my friends. We reconvened and headed to the fitting rooms. Behind me  I saw a girl with the green dress, and had an out of body experience. I was thinking "OMG you got the dress" but instead said the words "OMG you got the dress." Now, this isn't rare of my personality as I will literally talk to a wall if it is there. I can start a conversation with any one or anything and I will just talk. Seriously... ask any of my friends. Some of them are embarrassed of me. I started talking to this woman, who then introduced me to her friend who she had met in line, and who had two of the magical and beautiful green dress. She told me she just needed to try them on and I could have whichever didn't fit her. OKAY COOL. This, ladies and gents, is why you talk to strangers. Because sometimes, you get lucky, and meet a nice person who will let you have the green dress that you had a dream about the night before. I know I have issues, don't point that out.

So, I took the very large portion of clothing that I had grabbed (I believe there were 15 things, including a phone case and necklace) and went on my merry way. Now, if you thought any of the above was crazy, you've got another one coming...

At this point I'd approximate the time stamp at around 8:30-ish

We were in line waiting for the fitting room, and there are some people who clearly have never been shopping before because they felt the need to grab every single size in one particular item and try them on. I am talking about one specific moth daughter duo who clearly had a game plan. And it was very selfish. So at this point in time, there are people who are trickling into the store, hoping to find one thing. But, to their surprise, the shelves and racks were cleared at 8:05. I kid you not. 5 minutes for insanity to ensue. FIVE. MINUTES. Like that Madonna song plus a really long intro. Yeah. So, these people, who decided to come to Target at 8 instead of be a crazy person like myself and come before 8, began to form their own line on the other side of the fitting room, to go through the clothes that people weren't getting because it wasn't their size, etc. LIKE, EXCUSE ME WHAT?! Target eventually realized this was a dangerous solution to get a dress and at some point when I was in the fitting room, decided to have the security guard take the clothes from the fitting room back to the racks. Oh, and yes, there was a security guard specifically for this launch. Preppy girls... you know us and our record...

So I tried on a few things, put the romper back, put the necklace back, and had two dresses, a top, and pants. I was happy, and then I had the brilliant idea to look at the price tag.... Yeah. That thought hadn't occurred to me yet. Here are the lucky items that made the cut:

 Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Shift Dress - Upstream
Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Shift Dress - Upstream

 Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Crochet Tank Top - White
Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Crochet Tank Top - White
 Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Linen Shift Dress - Giraffeeey
Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women's Linen Shift Dress - Giraffeeey
I put back a pair of the pants in the "My Fans" print, which were beautiful, but way too pajama-y so they did not make the cut. But they did. make the out of the fitting room cut, so I had to go back and yell "SIZE LARGE, ANYONE WANT THESE?" to the hoarding group of women to which a nice woman approached me, thanked me, and went on her way to the fitting room. NICE PEOPLE DO EXIST!

Time Stamp: 8:45am-ish (I hadn't had coffee yet, give me a break)

We proceeded to the cash register because I decided I needed to pay before I did even more damage, and even at the cash register, the chaos continued. Some women had decided against purchasing specific things come time to pay (clearly they didn't look at the prices until last minute either) and there were people going through the return bucket. I almost bought a shirt in the Boom Boom print because I didn't have the dress, but it has a weird cinch thing and I decided against it.

Time Stamp: 9:00am
I got coffee (thank goodness for Starbucks in Target), got home and went online to see if there was any hope to me getting the dress, and alas it was sold out everywhere... BUT I am extremely happy with my purchases and am even happier that I survived Lilly for Target. I know that this is currently a very controversial collection, and a lot of people are upset with how it turned out. Unfortunately, there are people who bought the entire rack of clothes and are now selling them for over $100, and as unfair as it is, that is life. Personally, I would not buy from these people, because to me, it takes away the entire purpose of Target Collections. Famous designers collaborate with Target to make more affordable, still great quality, pieces, so that people can say that they own a Lilly Pulitzer dress, and not have to pay over $100 for it... That is just my opinion, and people will be people and no one can stop that.

Hopefully you all had a successful Pink Sunday and got at least a few good steals!

Did you have any horror stories?
Did you enjoy the collection?

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  1. Your experience sounds so tame and dignified. A lot of stories online are trying to make everything sound worse than it was. Love your picks! I bought the upstream shift, too! I ordered it online, so I'm pretty nervous that it might not fit.


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