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Sunday, July 12, 2015

It isn't a normal day if I don't hear about a situation, or have an interesting encounter and then say "like remember, that one time... on Friends?!"
My past two weeks has been a constant episode of Friends. "The One Where Kathryn Doesn't Get The Job" or even an interview.

Just like every summer, I came home and started work at camp. Only this year, it's not like I pack up and leave in the middle of August to go back to school. We finished that part of my life, remember?
So I currently come home from working with kids and parents all day, and sit on my computer and apply to jobs. What I'm calling "Big Girl" jobs.

But you see, searching for jobs on the Internet, is like online shopping. Once you start, you can not stop. And once you see one posting, you look up and realize (20 minutes later...) that you have 15 job tabs open and now need to write 15 different cover letters. 

But wait one second. There is one job, and you read the responsibilities, and qualifications, and location, and you decide "this is it."

But then you realize that your resume probably got lost in the depths of the Internet, never to be seen by anyone. Ever.

And then I wake up, and go to work at camp, and receive my pay check. 

Just replace wiping tables and steaming milk with playing with kids and telling their parents that they punched a kid, which is exactly why I am on the hunt for a Big Girl job.

And so the job hunt continues. A time in life where every job requires experience, but no one will hire me to give me experience. 

I have a degree! Does that mean nothing?

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