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Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18, how did you get here so fast? Like it's almost Halloween.. IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! Okay, not really, but after Fall Break is Thanksgiving, and then Christmas so we're getting pretty close! Fall break is a new-ish concept to my school (they started it when I was a freshman) and it is a four day weekend in the middle of October so that us students don't have to go from Labor Day to Thanksgiving without a break! I think it is a must have, because it is right after midterm week. Anyways, this fall break my mom and aunt came up from Friday to Tuesday morning, so I thought I would share with you some of the things we did and yummy foods we ate!

Awkward family portraits in San Anselmo and me on the bridge! We were very touristy and I loved it

These pictures are kind of random, just go with it. First we have my mini pumpkins (Trader Joe's), then we have a semi updated picture of part of my room, which of course I will be showing once everything is put away! Then I have my new monogram necklace from my mom, YAYYYYY! And lastly, a picture of the golden gate bridge shadow, I got pretty artsy. 

And now on to food, yum! We ate most breakfasts at home with the exception of tea at the Fairmont (highly overrated), Tuesday's breakfast (top right) at Pier 39, and brunch (which was at like 2pm) at Cafe Flore in the Castro.

Now on to dinners! 
Top Left- B Star Tea Leaf Salad (delicious)
Top Right- Green Chili Kitchen, Pork Burrito
Bottom Left- A LOBSTER from Sausalito
Bottom Right- what we were eating the rest of the weekend...

And finally, for our last dinner, we went to the new Chinese food restaurant in the Westfield mall downtown after seeing Captain Phillips, and then went to Ghirardelli for ice cream!

Hope you all had a nice relaxing fall break, weekend, week, everything!

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