First day of camp turned lockdown

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The first day of camp has come and gone. I was placed with the youngest kids, the 5 and 6 year olds and we had ice breakers, some crafts, and a few indoor games. The day was going really well until we got notice we were on lock down. There was a high speed pursuit on the freeway, and of course the guy got off the freeway a block away from where I work, and he ended up running out of the car and had a riffle in his hand. So that is a lot of fun, right? Sure, why not.
The kids had no idea what was going on and at the time we were getting more information from parents calling in than from the police officers, which I get but is still kind of weird.
I've come to the conclusion that I just have really great and really crazy work experiences, and it's totally fine because by this point I expect nothing less.

I also requested the 3 days off to go to Disneyland with "the boy!" And I was talking to him and I dropped a hint about us taking a cute couple picture together and he was into the idea so YAS, because that's all I want. That and to test his picture taking skills...

So that was our first day of camp! The rest should be smooth sailing from here, right? I'm working almost 40 hours this week so it will be busy, but I'm excited because the kids are all amazing and have lots of energy (which could be good and bad at the same time). Wednesday is field trip day and we are going to 6 flags so this week is Super Hero Week, and of course I left my Batman mask in SF, but it's okay because I have a Superman shirt!


  1. OMG never a dull moment when working around children LOL
    Have fun @ Disney!

  2. SOOOO CUTE! I love that batman picture, it's so cute!!


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