The day I fell in love and got my heart broken

Monday, June 23, 2014

On Saturday I fell in love with the cutest face I've ever seen in my life. After getting our nails done and having a quick breakfast, my mom and I headed out to the Thousand Oaks mall for lunch and shopping with my aunt. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, went to a few stores and then it happened. When I saw him, I started tearing up. Like I almost cried. Almost. I called my mom over, pointed, and the lady at the store got him out from behind that glass wall and we went into a room with him. He was from Henderson, North Dakota, (South Dakota? I don't remember) so my mom goes "oh we should name him Henderson!" YOU DONT NAME A DOG AND THEN NOT GET HIM!!! Oh, spoiler alert, I didn't get the dog. I don't have $4,000 first of all, and then money for vets and food and all that fun stuff. Oh, and I live in an apartment in San Francisco that doesn't allow dogs. Sad day. Parting with him was very very difficult. But then this morning there was a frenchie at trader joes and I talked to the owner and she gave me the name of a website where she got her frenchie for $500!!! That sounds better, right? But I'm also planning a Euro-trip post graduation and I wouldn't want to leave my new puppy behind. So if and when I get a dog, I'm going to do it right. Bring her/him everywhere, be able to have the time for it.
So that is the story of how I fell in love... And then got my heart broken. It's okay. I'm fine. I just miss the dog I don't own.

I have also adopted a pet squirrel... and thats free, well besides the money my mom spends on the nuts and fruit we get them. That and I am lowkey obsessed with them...

But I am leaving the squirrels behind for the next few days as I venture off to Disneyland with "the boy" so there will be several updates when I come back!

Oh, and I really liked my outfit from yesterday so here ya go!


  1. aww hes adorable.. sorry you couldnt get him.

  2. THE SQUIRREL! Oh my goodness, those snap chats were hilarious!!

  3. I've wanted to adopt a cat for years, but I refuse to until I settle down in a city I plan to live in for at least a couple of years. Oh, and that second snapchat image is hilarious

  4. TOO CUTE. I'm sad you couldn't get him! Also your outfit is/was AMAZING, I love it. Anddd that squirrel looks like it's the comfiest squirrel ever.


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