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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

August 31, 2013- My 20th birthday!

Enough with the apology posts, I'm back for real this time! Moving, starting school, and having your birthday all within the span of two weeks is nothing short of stressful topped with cherry. But over the past two weeks, I have had several life experiences, learned a lot, and now know how to handle situations if I come across them again. Yay no longer being a teenager! I know everyone says "you are only a teenager for so long, enjoy it" but I believe that you are only "young" for so long. I can't say I hated being  teenager, but I definitely didn't like it. After I turned 13, I wanted to be 16, after 16, 18, and after 18 I wanted to skip over 19 and just turn 20. Well that year is here. I am no longer a teenager, and I am in no rush to be 21. I want to enjoy this year, and live it to the fullest. Yesterday I was welcomed into the twenties. Someone literally told me "Yay, you're in you're twenties now! Time to live up to all the standards." I know that technically I am in my twenties, but let's not count that until I turn 21 (I know, it's kind of cheating). My twentieth birthday was celebrated this past weekend, Labor Day Weekend, and I had the most amazing time with my friends and family! My parents came up from LA, and my friends threw me a "surprise" party, and it was just what I needed. The weather, on top of everything, was perfect, which in San Francisco, never happens. On Saturday, my actual birthday, we went into Sausalito for dinner and it was actually hot. This is insane for the Bay Area this time of the year (it usually doesn't get hot until September- thank you for Indian Summers). 
Here are a few random pictures from my weekend- look out for my meals of the weekend as well as updates on my apartment!

Hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend and didn't work too hard!

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