Month in Madrid: Day Four

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Good morning or afternoon and happy Thursday! I cannot believe my first week of classes is already over (we don't have school on Fridays). I am so scared these next three weeks are going to fly by but at the same time I am SO EXCITED! I have been having an amazing time, I have been improving my Spanish, and I have been experiencing a fascinating and beautiful culture. Yesterday marked day 4 and was also our first field trip! We went to the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, and saw the works of Picasso! Also my friend Caylah and I were unintentionally matching...
This is the panoramic view from the top of the glass elevator in el Museo Reina Sofia. 
Here is the garden wall! It is so beautiful and breathtaking and is next to a very very good cafe! This wall is part of the Caixa Forum and is absolutely incredible.
The much awaited for good weather called for maxi dresses!
And if you thought I wasn't going to paint my nails I'm Spain... Ya thought wrong.

Random picture time now: my favorite food this far! We went to a bar called el Tigre and they give free tapas and I tried the most incredible pork... EVER. I was on the hunt to find it again, and when we went to the market for groceries, I saw this and thought it looked similar, and it is!!!! It's the same pork and oh my goodness is it good! We put some Dijon mustard on and tada, quick and easy tapas! I then cooked dinner for our friends and we got ready and I went to my very first club! It was lots of fun and just made me appreciate all of the amazing new friends I have made on this trip so far!

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