Month in Madrid: Weekend in Barcelona

Friday, May 31, 2013

First day in Barcelona! We took an 8 hour train ride and I tried to sleep the whole time but I only slept for like 3 hours. Esta bien. We then arrived in the city and went to find our hostel but the front desk didn't open until 9. It was 8 am. So we killed an hour in a cafe across the street! After breakfast we waited for check in and I made friends with the cutest French bulldog, Picote. We then walked around the beach, got some lunch, and headed back to the apartment for a siesta. Before going out we thought we should shower, I mean we did just have an 8 hour train ride and a nap. To our surprise, we had to take cold showers. I don't know how I did it, but I did. We made dinner and had tapas and got ready to go out. Being in Barcelona the first night was like our first few days in Madrid, we got lost. We ended up finding a beautiful plaza and found the main Princessa z3, the same bar we got lunch at, only this place was not as good as the beach bar. From here we went to Riley's and after  about three creepers it was time to head home!

Day two was probably one of the longest days of my life. I went down the street and brought back croissants and mimosas. I knew that if I was going to Barcelona I was going to see at least one of Gaudi's works, and seeing that it was a beautiful day, I wanted to see La Sagrada Familia. Although not everyone wanted to go at first, everyone was glad we went. We didn't go inside, seeing as we wanted to go to the beach, but the outside was enough for me. I'd done countless presentations on La Sagrada Familia in my highschool Spanish classes, so when I saw it exiting the metro station, I was speechless. It was probably the most beautiful building I have ever seen, even under construction. From La Sagrada Familia we went to the beach and laid out. We got some really amazing piƱa coladas, and then decided to go home, cook dinner, eat, and get ready. We made friends with the Swedish women who lived in the apartment above us, and recommended that we go to La Terrrazza, a club in a castle, rather than Opium, a bar/lounge on the beach. Party in a castle? Count me in! We headed there at 2 am... Yes. 2 am. How I am still alive right now I have no idea. Terrrazza was so much fun! Definitely a one time thing though, I don't think I can stay out and watch the sun come out again! I mean... Maybe again, but no time soon! This girl likes her sleep! We didn't get home until 8 am and we watched the sun come up at the castle. It was intense and a lot of fun, but I was ready to go home! We went back to the apartment and slept until 11 am, when we got kicked out for check out... OOPS! 

After being told we had to check out in 10 minutes, we packed up the entire apartment in 5 minutes and headed to the cafe while we checked out. We then walked through the ramblas to get to the police station (to report a missing phone) which I am very glad we were able to do, and then headed to the airport. Yes we were 4 hours early to the airport, but the Barcelona airport is really a shopping mall, which I was all for! (All tax free!) the plane ride was super fast, 45 minutes max! It was just like flying from LA to SF, and I slept the entire time. We got back at around 9, went to Mas Q Menos, one of my favorites restaurants here (we've been 3 times and the waiters know us), went back to the apartment, and knocked out. 
 I am so glad I was able to go to Barcelona, and since this was my only weekend trip, I am definite glad that we chose to go to here! This upcoming weekend is my last weekend, so I want to stay in the city and do some last minute exploring (aka finish up my list of things to visit in Madrid). I am a little more than halfway through my month here and I cannot believe that it has flown by so fast, but I miss everyone back home. 

Okay enough of me talking, enjoy some pictures, and I will talk to you all soon (:


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