Month in Madrid: El Rastro (Flea Market)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Feliz Domingo! (Happy Sunday!)
Today we went to a flea market as one of our cultural didactic activities. Seeing as I have only been to a few small flea markets before, this place was very overwhelming. It was said that the had everything from tapas to clothing and shoes, but I only saw the flea market part rather than the market market part. But everything ended up working out. We went to an amazing tapas bar and had tos tas which were open faced sandwiches that were perfect! It was then time to shop seeing as we weren't cranky from being hungry and getting lost (oops, my fault! Google maps lied...). I personally didn't buy anything but there were definitely some good deals! It was very crowded though and I felt a few people trying to pick pocket me but they didn't get anything, bummer for them score for me! I cannot believe I have been here for a week already, it is honestly such an amazing city, experience, and I have also met some pretty incredible people. 
Now I am off to write my blurb for Spanish class... This should be fun.

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