Month in Madrid: Days Two and Three

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hola! I think I am going to start posting every few days just because I do not do very exciting things that are picture worthy todos los días. Aka yesterday, the first day of class. Well we just explored but no pictures were taken.
Anyways, today was our first day of real class and we actually got to class on time! Yay us! (We were 45 minutes late yesterday) but we didn't get in trouble. We got there and met the other students in our class from Illinois and had la clase de lengua and after, la clase de cultura. Our lunch break consisted of 15 people eating tortilla España aka the only thing I eat here because it is so easy and cheap! We then went to do our cultural didactic activity which consisted of us finding and writing about 5 different streets. We ended up going from there and just exploring and found some amazing buildings and a flea market!!

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