Month in Madrid: Cafes

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hola amigos!
This past week I have gone to two different cafes that I have absolutely fell in love with (and will probably be going back to because I was so impressed!) 

The first cafe is called Donde Monica, a cafe off of Calle Serrano (Rodeo Drive of Madrid). I found out about this cafe from the my little Madrid blog. It is a little cafe in a brick building, down a little ally way. So precious! Here are a few photos of Donde Monica! I will definitely be going back to get their burrata plate though (;

Another cafe I went to this morning is called Mama Framboise. I went on a little adventure this morning and found the cutest cafe! It was a French cafe with Spanish classics.

To go I got a ham and cheese quiche, some macaroons (the pistachio strawberry one is probably the best macaroon I have ever had!), and some chocolates for my parents!

One week left in Madrid! I can't believe it!!!
Tonight I am going to dinner for one of the girls in my programs birthday, and then I have class tomorrow through Wednesday, and our final on Thursday! On Wednesday afternoon, I made an appointment for a fish pedicure. I'm kind of scared not going to lie, but hey, when in Europe!!!

Hasta luego (:

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