Is the happiest place on earth also the yummiest?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

This past Tuesday I went to Disneyland, YAY! I went with my best friend, Erika (who has a food blog! ) and we thought maybe we should eat our way through Disneyland, and I mean, why not? Disneyland has definitely improved on the food game, and I can say without a problem that it is the theme park with the best food! Join us on our journey while eating through Disneyland! (:
We started off the day with beignets and iced coffee from New Orleans Square! Love these Mickey shaped donuts, so tasty! 
After Space Mountain, it was time for lunch, and what better place than Pizza Port!
We chose the fusilli with chicken, yummmy!
I heard that one thing you had to try at Disneyland was the cream cheese filled pretzel. now I have had my fair share of Disneyland trips, but I have never had one of these. 
If you go to Disneyland GET ONE!!! It was probably one of the best pretzels, no it was the best pretzel I have ever eaten. So good that before we left I wanted another one! But don't worry, I resisted! They sell these pretzels on Main Street and near Small World!
While watching the afternoon parage, we enjoyed some yummy ice cream from carnation! 
Next we went to Stage Door Cafe where we got mozzarella sticks!
They were so yummy! But definitely too much for one person, so be sure to share! Stage Door Cafe is located between New Orleans and Big Thunder Mountain!
And for dinner we had some Bengal Barbecue! I had never gone to this little restaurant either, but it is right across from my favorite ride, Indiana Jones. I got the chicken and it was so yummy! The portions are pretty small, but still reasonably priced. I will definitely be going back here to try some different things! 

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