Month in Madrid: Let's Get Fishy

Thursday, June 13, 2013

To get this post started, here is what was going through my mind as I was getting my fish pedicure!

I am currently getting the dead skin on my feet sucked off by fish in Mi Calle Nueva York in Madrid.. It feels like my legs and feet are asleep. You know? That tingling feeling? Yeah exactly how I feel right now. Then there's a bigger fish and he feels like a little pinch but that just reassures me that I still have feeling in my legs! Now it tickles. How long am I doing this for again? Oh and there's no wifi! That's fun... And my appointment didnt go through but they felt bad for the "cute American" so they let me go. Okay this really tickles! Putting my phone away now so I don't drop it in with the fish.

Long story short, it was interesting. I'm super glad I did it seeing as there are no places in America that do it, but I wish more came with the price. The only thing I did was go, put my feet in the water, get some lotion; pay and leave. I definitely thought that an actual pedicure was included in the price of 38€ which is the equivalent to around $50, but it wasn't and they continued to blame it on the fact that I didn't call and did it online. Oh well! They also got mad because I didn't write in the notes that I spoke English. Like I'm sorry if I'm trying to speak Spanish!!! Oh goodness, well here are some pictures from my pedicure! 

Ps I had to take off my toe rings because "the fish no likey." 
Also! If you are very very VERY ticklish, I do not recommend this!

My feet are now SUPER soft and my only complaint is that there wasn't an actual pedicure included. Oh well, when in Europe right? 
Now I am getting ready for dinner at Botin, the oldest, still functioning restaurant in the world! 

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