New Month, New Kitten?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sunday morning started off as all Sunday mornings do. Wake up early, head to the farmer's market and market, get some breakfast, come home, rest, and then go to dinner and the movies later. But this past Sunday, instead of resting, we decided to have a "test-run" of what my older cat, Sylvester, would do if we were to bring home a kitten.
My neighbor has been fostering 6 kittens since their birth, so for about 10 weeks, and my parents and I picked out one that we immediately fell in love with. They had named him Jesse, and he was an active kitten, but also a total lap cat and would just fall asleep in your lap - already the total opposite of Sylvester.
There were some hisses at first, but then they just did their own thing. It has been almost 3 days now, and they are starting to warm up to each other. Sylvester has a lot to adjust to after being the only pet in the house for almost 6 months, and we have a lot to adjust to with this kitten.

His name is Meeko, like the raccoon from Pocahontas, and I love him. Except for when he jumps on my in the middle of the night to play, and when he starts walking all over my keyboard when I'm trying to type (like right now) or watch Sex & The City... 

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