12 on the Twelfth

Saturday, July 12, 2014

These past few weeks have been eventful, confusing, and very very interesting. We have hit and passed the mid mark of summer, which means there is  just one more month until I am back in the city by the Bay. But for now, we shall relive the things that I did this week. Instead of story time though, I am putting a list of things that I have noticed or learned this past week from my disney trip with the boy, HBOgo marathons, and camp.

1. I am obsessed/in love with my kitten, Meeko
2. I am addicted to Sex & The City, but I don't know what character I would be
3. My past belief that guys and girls can't be friends is slowly deteriorating
4. You tan more just by walking around Disneyland than when you lay out in the sun 
5. Going to Disneyland with just the boy is very very different than going with the boy and two other couples
6. All cats need to learn to like each other is a little bit of time
7. Triple dates are confusing
8. Triple dates get even more confusing when three other people join you and there is a ninth wheel
9. The word awkward doesn't even begin to describe how it feels when the ninth wheel points out that she is the ninth wheel when we plan what we're doing for the picture and she tells us all to make hearts and she will do half of a heart (yes, this happened, I wanted to cry, it was so uncomfortable, and it was one of those do I laugh or no moments)
10. When on a triple date, make friends with at least one other person
11. When on a quadruple date with a ninth wheel, make at least two friends
12. I really like the guy I'm dating. (I could say boyfriend, but that's weird to me still haha, oops. I know, how gross, another couple picture, sorryyyyy)


  1. OMG you're so cute. I would love to go to Disney with my boyfriend!

  2. I just about died at #6. I need to adopt a cat ASAP


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