Thursday, July 3, 2014

This past Saturday, I went to heaven, well at least I thought it would be heaven. We got in line for the premium tickets which was long, but barely hit the corner, while the general admission line snaked around up and down the block and street. We got to the front of the line and decided to just go down the line for the tacos.

After about 3 or 4 tacos, we decided it was time for a drink... or two. The guy in front of us at the bar thought that, just like the tacos, the drinks were included. This was correct, but only if you had the premium ticket and got the drink card. He did not, so I got a free margarita to accompany my paloma. 

And then I ate a smelt fish taco, which just kind of tasted like a taco. But my parents didn't eat it and I did so I felt accomplished.

After some more tacos and taquitos and standing in line in the burning sun, we found the tequila garden. Having purchased the premium ticket, we thought this was included but it was another $20. We shouldn't have done it. But we had fun, regardless. We got some free shot glasses, light up martini glasses, shots of tequila, and a wink from a creepy old guy. Tacolandia had turned into tequilalandia.

And then I befriended the cute guy in front of me in line, and he convinced me to eat a grasshopper taco. It wasn't terrible. Just kind of, crunchy...

I also ate octopus, but that isn't that weird, right?

And then the last and final taco and margarita of the night. (Well, I actually got three because the bar was closing and I still had free drink coupons like hi, obviously I was going to use them.)

To end the night, we went to a part of LA that I had never been before, and got churros and chocolate. And it was perfect. 

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  1. your mascot is now officially a taco. YOURE WELCOME


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