Unexpected Compliments

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Now by reading the title, you might be thinking okay, I walk down the hallway and someone compliments me on my new hair, or pants. And as much those are great and can turn an okay day into a great day, those aren't the kind of compliments I'm talking about today.

If you don't know, when I come home for summer and winter breaks, I work at a local park as a camp counselor. Now this isn't just any camp. I used to be a camper there and progressively worked my way up, and I have now been at my camp for longer than my directors. Crazy, right? So after being a camper, I became a CIT (counselor in training), to a junior, and I am now in my second summer of being a senior counselor. As much as I love my campers, the crafts, the cooking, the games, and being a counselor in general, it isn't always the easiest of jobs. Kids don't always listen, crafts go wrong, nobody always gets along, and sometimes there is even drama.

Every Wednesday, we go on field trips, and today's happened to be to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Unknown to me, my two bosses that were going on the trip drove vans with some campers and CITs because there was not enough room on the bus, leaving me in charge of that area. I have had minor interactions with the entire bus process, but it was never just up to me. All went fine and well and when returning to camp, after everyone else was off the bus, our bus driver stopped me and said that I was the youngest most pulled together counselor she has ever seen, and that she has driven near 100 camps. I was speechless. The first thing out of my mouth was, "oh, well I am 19" to which she responded that I was even younger than she thought, and if I could get 55 campers quiet and to pick up their trash by myself I was amazing.

As random as this post is, it is always nice to get a compliment and know that your hard work is not going unnoticed! I hope you all had a fantastic Wednesday, and keep the weekend in mind because only two more days!

I am off to Laguna on Friday morning until Sunday for an early birthday celebration for my Dad (:

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