Miley Cyrus is Just Peachy | What is Perfection?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Perfection does not exist. I know. Heart breaking. But, we all know it is true, and we all should have listened to Miley Cyrus when she told us that "everybody makes mistakes, and everybody has those days" because you know what? She has never been so right. (Though I also related to some of her other songs. Now I miss Miley Cyrus.)

It is hard for me to admit that perfection doesn't exist. I am far from a perfectionist, but I also hate making mistakes. Or, I used to. Now I am getting better at loving mistakes, but they aren't really mistakes if you learn from them; rather they are life lessons. I love life lessons. What I don't like is not making people happy.

I am going to use Miley Cyrus again because that will hopefully make this post somewhat more relatable and more light hearted than me just venting about my awful shitty terrible unfortunate mistake life lesson that was today.

When Miley Cyrus was Hannah Montana, she couldn't tell her best friend her other life. She was making millions of fans happy. Getting them up out of their seat to dance, cry at the emotions behind the lyrics, and go all crazy fan girl when they saw that long blonde hair and white leather jacket. Yeah, you know exactly what outfit I am talking about. Regardless, she bailed on her friend at the concert to make her fans happy, ran back out to make her fans happy, and was unable to be in both places at once.

Yes, she ultimately told her friend, Lily? Emily Osmet's character the truth and then they were best friends and happy again, but that isn't how life is always going to work. Miley Cyrus was happy being both Hannah Montana and Miley because she made that choice to keep the two lives separate. She willingly made the choice that that would be how she ran her personal and "work" life, and they would be separate and she would be happy. Her happiness is what then created the happiness in her fans, and the happiness in her friendships.

But, you can't be focusing on other people's happy when you yourself aren't happy, because that is just a dangerous cycle you will be loopholed in, resulting the damaging relationships and friendships. And that really doesn't make anyone happy.

Life lesson today is this: Perfection is not real because everyone's idea of happiness is different. You can think that you just made the best apple pie in the world, and you can win every single apple pie award in the world, and there were still be people out there who don't like apple pie.

Be your own happy. Learn from mistakes. Be your own version of perfection.

How do you do that? Treat every day like it is your birthday, and let the negativity go. You need to cry it out? That helps me! Need to go run a few miles? That doesn't work for me, but exercise makes endorphins, and happy people don't kill their husbands (according to Elle Woods). Find your happy spot, find that moment, that one second in time where you are truly happy and genuinely not phased by the rest of the world and negativity and other people's standards, and go to that when you are stressing over not reaching perfection, because 9 times out of 10, you are already meeting your definition of perfection, and are just beating yourself up over someone else's definition.

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