Saturday, March 26, 2016

Need a weekend get away from LA? Craving some amazing and pretty basic hikes? Want to go to the cutest tequila bar with delicious Mexican food? You need to go to Ojai right now. I went about a month ago, and have been missing this adorable little town more than words.

There is something incredible about weekend getaways. They are just enough to escape reality and day to day life, but leave you with this incredible feeling of gratitude and serenity upon your return.

With my upcoming trip to Europe in just over two months, I sit here with excitement for that two week trip, but still crave more and more of theses getaways that are just a drive away.

From hiking, to brunching, to shopping, this weekend had it all, and was ended with a beautiful waterfall. Thanks, Rach for being my travel buddy!

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