Casual Trip To The Bahamas?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Today's post was going to be on why you should study abroad, but that can wait. Why you might ask? Because I have finally fallen victim to the "bad group member" problem that haunts group projects.
Normally I have no problems, but if you would have asked me at the beginning of the semester, I would have said that there is potentially a very small problem in our group, just one, but we would probably be able to work around it.
Well, we got this far in the semester, and completed one of the two projects we were assigned. Now all we have is the final project. The final project that is due the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, so I, along with the SANE members of my group, wanted to finish it this weekend, and give up our Saturday night, so that we could enjoy Thanksgiving break. Side note, my Thanksgiving break, if we actually do finish this weekend, which we probably will because we are rockstars (minus the one) will still consist of studying for a final and writing a final paper, but still. Less to worry about.
Continue rant:
So this morning in class, mind you this is my only 8 am. I am a junior and this is the only 8 am I have ever had to take, and I am still bitter about it, so I am not in the BEST of moods. It's early! Don't blame me. We were all working on the project, in a Google doc so we can see who is actually working (along with being rockstars, we are also spies) and guess who isn't in the Google doc? Let's call her, Patty Mayonnaise. She doesn't resemble any of Patty Mayonnaise's qualities, but just go with it. So who knows what she is working on, when she gets up and leaves class. Okay, BYE? She comes back, FIFTEEN MINUTES AFTER WE DECIDE TO MEET ON SATURDAY AT 3:30, and says, "just kidding, I can't do this Saturday! Something came up." I had no words. I actually had ZERO words. I have only been speechless one other time, but that is a completely different story which I hope isn't over, so I won't share it yet. That was very scandalous and secretive, and I am sorry, but welcome to the way my mind connects things. So one of my fellow rockstars, confronted her, asked her what was going on, and Patty Mayonnaise says, please brace yourselves, "oh, I can't meet because I am going to be traveling. I am actually going to buy my plane ticket right now! Isn't that perfect? My friend is getting me a round trip ticket to the Bahamas for the weekend!" IT IS NOVEMBER.
At this point, I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out from behind the podium, and tell me I had been punk'd.
But alas, he didn't. He's probably off being cute with Mila Kunis. It's fine, I'm fine. By this time I had managed to get words out of my mouth, and decided I would tell her all of the things we still have left to do, which is almost half of the project, and that doesn't include proofreading and making it perfect, because our professor is a bit crazy and expects nothing less than perfection. 
So what does she do? She starts writing everything down and says that she has until 1 today to do a ton of stuff, because she leaves tomorrow. FOR THE BAHAMAS.
So basically, this was my reaction:

Thank goodness that the other members of my group are rockstars, so I have no doubt we will kick this project in the butt, I had just never had a bad group project experience. But, I mean, I guess it was bound to happen eventually. 
To end my rant, I would like to show you the text she sent in our group chat, and you can leave your imagination up to the emojis we sent in the rockstar group chat, that has everyone else in my group except her.
The fact that none of us responded gave her a hint. She sent me this very professional email last night:

I'm sorry. I'm done. But I am curious, what are your group project disasters?! I know you've had some! I want to hear!

AND ON THAT NOTE! I would like to welcome myself to the Back That Azz Up club. YAY! My first song will be a classic, and it relates back to my post from earlier this week, which feels like ages ago. Clearly, I have been in a "Now That's What I Call Music from the 2000s mood this week, of course only when I'm not listening to Michael Bublé! And the second was sung on the way home from Target last night, and connects yesterday's post with today's about stupid girls (and boys).

It Wasn't Me (feat. Ricardo "Rik Rok" Ducent) by Shaggy on Grooveshark 
stupid girl by Pink on Grooveshark

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