Living With My Best Friend | Happy Birthday, Erika

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Watching Gossip Girl has taught me several things.
One being that I thought my high school was cool but clearly nothing compares to New York high schools, and two that you should write about what you know, thanks, Dan.
Well, with that being said, I know about living with my best friend.

Now, if you are moving in with your best friend or thinking about moving in with your best friend, be prepared to hear some or all of the following remarks:

"Don't live with your best friend, you won't get along after living together."
"You two are going to kill each other."
"Well, there goes that friendship."
"You'll never see each other the same way."
"You won't make any other friends."
"College isn't high school, people change."
"What are you going to do when you get in an argument?"
"Who will you have to talk to when you have roommate problems?"

After living with my best friend for going on three years, I can tell you that all of these are false. Maybe because we are complete opposites but have a ton of the same things in common, or have so many things in common yet so many things that are different?  All I know is that my best friend isn't just my best friend, she's family.
Yes we get in arguments, yes she probably wants to kill me sometimes, and yes I want to kill her sometimes, but we are now in our second apartment after the dorms, and I don't plan on moving or getting another roommate until I graduate (Erika, I really hope the same goes for you...) As in all roommate situations, communication is key, and yes, some people just aren't meant to room together, and that turns to passive aggressive remarks, but stuff like that will not fly with any decent roommate, especially not your best friend. This does mean that there will be arguments. They will probably last like 20 minutes, just breathe.

Now with all that being said, today is my best friend's twentieth birthday and what better way to enter your twenties than a little summary of our friendship:
We always say "if it wasn't for McClung (our gym teacher freshman year) we may not have ever met!" but we probably would have crossed paths eventually. High school was a lot. It was a lot of fun, a lot of lunches together, a lot of talks, a lot of mall trips, a lot of memories. Now, going on seven years later and living together for almost three of those years, I cannot imagine any other roommate or any other person to have come to college with.
And now, from being little babies in high school, you are turning twenty. In a year, we will FINALLY get to experience all that San Francisco has offer, and I wouldn't want any other friend by my side.
We have too many inside jokes for me to list and an obscene amount of nicknames.

With all this being said, you are the best roommate and best friend I could ever ask for and because of that, you deserve the best birthday ever!
(Don't hate me for posting these pictures)

From last night, to your birthday last year, happy birthday to the best roommate and best friend I could ever ask for!

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