Approx. 51 Hours in LA | Wedding Time

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

This weekend, I flew home for the weekend. Approximately 51 hours, give or take due to the time change. Probably one of the most fun weekends I have had in awhile. 
Friday night, we went to my favorite sushi spot and got frozen yogurt, which we enjoyed while catching up on Homeland. The next day was wedding day. After a trip to the nail salon, target, and the mall, it was time to get ready. I got ready while watching Hocus Pocus and Captain America: The First Avenger. Yes, those two movies are very random, I know, but I had like 3 hours to get ready and I wanted some form of entertainment. (I also feel like this may have put me in a overly happy mood since they are some of my favorite movies, which then reflected during the rest of the night...)

I haven't been to a wedding in about 8 years, or so. That's just a guess, seeing as either way, I was always too young to understand what was going on or "enjoy" the wedding to it's fullest. Not this time. Nope. I enjoyed and appreciated everything. 
The food was great, the location was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the company was fantastic, and the newlyweds? Well, they are perfect.

It's always fun to see people from your childhood, and the first thing they say is "I held you when you were a baby!" or, "I remember you when you were THIS tall" as they gesture towards their waist, or below. To which the response is always the same, "Oh really?," "Well, I have definitely grown a little bit!" with bursts of  laughter here and there. 
And then there is the infamous, "I'm sure you don't remember me..."
Which most of the time, no, I'm sorry, I don't. I remember stories of you, and people telling me about you, but if you came up to my doorstep, I would not know who you were. 
Thankfully, that only happened twice at this wedding! That's right, I, the girl with the memory of a goldfish, actually remembered people. I even reintroduced myself to some people in case they didn't remember me! 
So, I guess you could say that I was "that person" but hey, all in the spirit of the wedding, right? 

The wedding was held at the California Club, and was absolutely beautiful

The most delicious cake. I had two pieces, sh. 

Yay, family photos!
My dress was my prom dress from my senior year of high school, but I had people telling me how "fashionable" and "oh that color and style is perfect for Fall 2013." I picked a good dress, I guess.

The beautiful bride!

And, my favorite picture of the night. Captures so many things all in one photo. 

The following morning, I was craving French Toast. After wedding problems or daylight savings time dilemma. We will never know.
We decided to head over to Blu Jam on Ventura Blvd, and ran into the CUTEST frenchie. 
*insert heart eye emoji here*

Her name was Stella and I want her.

And finally, crunchy French Toast, mint water, and French press coffee. YUM. 

All in all, my weekend was a success, and if I could relive any of it, I would in a heart beat. 

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