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Thursday, November 14, 2013

No, this is not a juice cleanse I'm going vegan post. I like other food too much.
This is more of a I should incorporate juices into my diet so I went to pressed and bought three juices post.

Going to the marina is never a good thing. I say this because I usually always end up spending my money, whether it is on food or clothes. We headed down to the marina in the first place to go to Super Duper, and it was extremely delicious. 
We then got the great idea to leave the guys and go shopping while they went back to school to study. I mean, Erika's birthday is approaching, so pre-birthday shopping is always acceptable, right?
Surprisingly, we didn't buy anything! Well.. just juices. 

Right then and there we were ready to do a one day juice cleanse but realized today would not be a good day for that, and also that we had not been eating vegan for at least 24 hours. I mean hi, we just had hamburgers. So, after tasting half of the menu, we got three juices each to spread out over the next two days. The lady who worked there, even though she got very annoyed with all our questions very fast, suggested we just start to incorporate juicing into our every day meals, so we could have one with some snacks or as a lunch, etc... When I went home, seeing as we had dinner at 4 because we are ancient, I cuddled up in bed with a cup of green tea and finished reading Welcome to Our Hillbrow

Today, this was my breakfast, along with a piece of toast with almond butter and chia seeds. It was delicious.
Not too sweet, not overly bitter. Absolutely perfect!

But then this happened. It was student assistance appreciation day which meant all of the food. All of it. But I was good! I ate fruits and veggies and a stuffin- stuffing baked in muffin tins. Genius. And delicious. 

After that, I felt a little guilty but still hungry, so I had my greens 3 juice which hit just the right spot.

This is my plan for tomorrow. Hopefully NyQuil lets me wake up at a decent time so that I can go and see this preciousness. If you have not heard, Make A Wish Foundation is turning San Francisco into Gotham City for a 5 year old, adorable child named Miles with leukemia. 
Here is more information on the event, but I honestly hope I can try and make it to this!!!

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