Fuzzy Socks & Uggs

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I wore fuzzy socks and uggs this weekend. Don't judge me. I went glamping. Camping in cabins. Yes some may not define that as camping, but it was pretty woodsy, so I say glamping. 
My sorority had its first ever retreat in which we went off campus. We don't have a house seeing as San Francisco thinks that if 6 or more girls live in the same house it is a brothel, so this retreat would be the first time we would ever have a huge sleepover! I was so excited but so scared I was going to freeze. It wasn't too cold (at night I wore two pairs of pants...) and not having cell service was pretty refreshing (minus the fact that when I got service for 5 minutes, it was a text from my mom saying she was in a car accident. Don't worry- SHE'S FINE!). I definitely hope that this tradition continues, seeing as it was bonding on another level, and was a very nice break from the city!

Thursday night before we left, I went on a city-wide adventure with my littles (and honorary little) just for fun! The bridge was closed, which makes sense because people would probably jump, but it was still gorgeous! We also visited the school where Princess Diaries was filmed, which is actually a house, and ended up at Mel's at midnight. I'd say that was a successful night for not planning anything!
 One of our activities during retreat was crafting! Because honestly, what is a sorority retreat without glitter...
 And then I went to jail in the scary old western like theatre on the camp grounds. I sent this to my mom, and I am pretty sure she actually thought I got arrested. Because of course, the first thing I would do when I get put into a jail cell would be to ask the guard for a picture. Come to think of it, it's not that bad of an idea, I mean, we should document these things right? Back on topic, it's fake. 
 THE MOST DELICIOUS S'MORES. I always burn my s'mores, so this was a miracle for me!
Me and my littleeee(: 

 I pretended to be Tarzan. This swing hurt and was not stable.
 When I got back on Sunday, I went shopping with Erika and we had a movie date and got Chipotle and saw Thor- which you need to go see, like now.
Monday was, Monday. And today? Today, I registered for classes! Woohoo! It also struck me that I only have 2 more of these registration panic attacks, which is kind of frightening but also very exciting! My classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so hopefully I can somewhat enjoy my weekends now!

Now that I'm back from the wilderness, and don't plan on losing service anytime soon, posts should be more frequent and I hopefully won't just disappear like I did a few weeks ago (:

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