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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

For the past week and a half Shaggy's "My Life Be Like" song has been stuck in my head. With that being said, I finally figured out how to get the link to my Spotify playlist after asking Google which made me feel like an insignificant 7 year old who doesn't know how to work a computer. It literally took two clicks. It's fine, it's in the past, I have the link. But now you have a playlist to listen to while reading.

Spotify Playlist: Fall 2013

Speaking about the past, I want to go see About Time. Does anyone want to come with me? I'm pretty free this weekend, which is surprising because I had two dates on Friday (don't get too excited for my love life, and just keep reading), and neither have called me and asked for a second date. Do you see how exciting and fun my life is? But actually, this past weekend (and Monday) were pretty fantastic, so I thought I'd share them with you.

On Friday, I did what I do every Friday, which is sleep in and eat brunch. By myself. It's magical, it really is. I love my Fridays because I always tell myself all the stuff I am going to do, and end up not doing any of it.

The only time I left my house was to get tacos from Tacolicious, which were delicious, and go to a meeting. I also slept through the BatKid festivities, which I was very upset about, but managed to find a crinkled up Gotham Chronicle paper on Sunday, but we aren't there yet. I have once again rekindled my love for Netflix, and it actually works as a great dating site, because I had two group dates on Friday night with Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman, and then another date with Liam Hemsworth and The Rock. My first date was better, and I didn't manage finishing my second date, but either way I didn't have to leave my bed. It was perfect. And yes, I do highly recommend Olympus Has Fallen, Gerard, Morgan, and Aaron recommended it on our date but they couldn't stop talking about the White House. Okay, I'm done. For now. I also fake-tanned, which I rarely do but only did for formal, and used a new lotion. Bad idea.

The shade turned out about 5 times darker than it normally does so I went to bed hoping that it would be gone by the morning. It was about 4 shades lighter and looked normal. THANK YOU TANNING GODS. And I got my present that I bought for myself in the mail, HELLO BEAUTIFUL.

Saturday was formal day, and I woke my roommate up with breakfast.

Don't you wish I was your roommate? Don't answer that, please. I then showered because I had to recover from my almost 12 hours of sleep (dates are hard work) and then painted my nails and LEISURELY got ready for formal. I wore my hair up in a sock bun because I was going for the ballerina princess look, which actually, to my surprise, worked.

After formal, a midnight Mel's trip was necessary, so at 1:00 am we headed on over. Erika and I ordered shakes and fries, and Gabbi followed through (good life choices) and Abbi got real food. Whatever, it was 1 in the morning. We then went back home, slept in our sweats we had put on for Mel's and woke up bright and early for brunch at Stacks. Yes, brunch is supposed to be a "sleep-in" meal but not if you want Stacks. Stacks did not disappoint, and we headed home with a tourist pit-stop at Alamo Square for a picture and to pet a French Bulldog. We then hung out at home, listened to music, and I made about 4 dozen cookies for a group of guys who at the time didn't know my name. Welcome to Greek life at my school. Sunday night was also the coldest night so far this year in San Francisco. Fun fact.

Monday was Erika's birthday, which if you read my previous post, you already know. That post also includes how I feel about living with my best friend, and some really embarrassing pictures. It's a good time.

I had the whole day planned out but sometimes life happens and other things become priorities. So we rolled with it. We showed up 30 minutes late to her "surprise" birthday dinner which is only in quotations because I am a terrible liar and she pretty much knew and was just going along with it. Sorry I can't lie. I then had a 2 second meeting, a catch up chat with Gabbi, and was then in the backseat of my friend's car going to get boba with bass speakers so loud I could barely hear Drake and Demi singing.

All in all, I had an incredible weekend, and realized I go home in 8 days, which makes me want to forget about the reason I am in San Francisco to begin with. School. Yay college! I only have nine more days of classes left, which makes me want to focus on finals but just kidding I still have projects and actual class. Oh the joy of being a student.

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